Ok, its not really about headphones. But I have some in-ear headphones from sennheiser and they came with a small pouch to keep them in. That pouch was made out of synthetic leather. The problem with that is its limited lifespan. Especially when used regularly. And I did use it regularly.

Because I liked it but it was not looking good anymore I decided to make a new one. It was a rather simple design which is basically just two sheets of fabric with some springy metal plates at the opening. When you press them together it opens and otherwise presses the opening shut. I did not have something like this so I disassembled the old one and used the the metal plates for my new one.

To start I made a paper template based on the original and used that to cut out some leather. Then I basically just stitched it together. Including the metal plates at the seam of the opening.

The original had the sennheiser logo on one side. It felt wrong to copy that and I thought if I made my own than it makes sense to put my initials on it. So I 3D printed a negative of my initials and then used that to press it into the leather. That seemed to work quite well.

It did not turn out perfect. The stitching is not as even as I would like it to be and the shape looks a bit deformed. But I am also not really a leather craftsman. However it does work and does its job so far and for now I am happy with it.