Sometimes I watch videos where a maker is building some random thing. There is one named Pask Makes on youtube. He is really talented and I enjoy his videos a lot. At some point he became quite excited about this kumiko pattern and started integrating that into various builds. I do like that pattern as well and so also have build something using it.

I started experimenting a bit and then decided to build one of those keepsake boxes. From another build I still had some sheets of thin plywood laying around so I first cut them into stripes. Then cut those stripes down to the various lengths necessary for the patterns and sanded the ends down to the angles needed to fit them all together.

After assembling all the panels I glued the side and bottom panels together and cut out some space for the lid. To add a little bit of variance the pattern for the lid is a bit bigger. With some sanding it starts to look halfway decent.

I had that laying around for a while and then thought that a dark contrast with to the light color of the wood might look nice. So I decided to line the inside with some black leather.

It does hide a bit of the pattern but I do like the contrast. There are a lot of little things that did not turn out as good as I would have liked but over all I am happy with it. Although it was a lot of work it also was a lot of fun making it.