For a couple of years now these minimalist wallets are becoming more and more popular. I had a relatively small one for a while already but now thought it might be interesting to try out a really slim one. As I am already playing around with some leather it just made sense to make one myself.

So I started looking around for inspiration and then decided that I could also start with a pattern from someone else. On makesupply are a couple of different ones with free patterns and I chose one that I liked. Then it was as simple as printing out the pattern, cutting it out and trace it on the leather. Then cutting out the leather and then stitching it together. I also applied some tokonole to have clean edges.

One thing that I did miss was the compartment for some coins. I thought about different ways to change it so that I could at least carry around a couple of coins. Its not like I need a lot of them and I also don’t need them often but every now and then it is useful to have a few. The idea I ended up trying is a an extension to the pattern I downloaded. I figured if I just add a piece that can wrap around the back I can have a slim pocket there to put in some coins. It does not increase the size that much and is easy enough to do.

It only fits three coins but it looks like that is good enough for now. I’m using it for a while now and it works quite well so I am calling it a success.