Recently I stumbled over the book “High Performance Browser Networking” by Ilya Grigorik. It is one of those books where people say that every developer should read it. Often when people say something like that I am a bit sceptical. However I felt like reading something like that and so I started reading it.

To my surprise I do agree with that sentiment in this case. It really is a book that a developer should read. There are so many basics in there that are useful to know. A couple of things I knew, quite a few things I learnt at some point and had forgotten again and then there was also a lot of new things that I learned.

The author also has a writing style that is easy to read. I really enjoyed reading the book. The topics are explained in a way that is easy to understand without leaving out too many details. So if you are a developer and looking for a book to read you should consider this one.