For some reason everybody who works with wood in some way will build a box at some point. Its hard to explain why. Maybe because its enjoyable or in some rare cases it might actually be useful to have a box. You can build one that is extraordinary complicated or so simple it barely deserves the name. As I sometimes work with wood I followed that proud tradition and have build a couple of boxes as well.

A Box

To extend my assortment of unhealthy live choices I started “vaping” at some point. Its not healthy so don’t do it. For that you have some equipment and it seemed reasonable at the time to build a box for it. So I got some thin plywood and started to put something together.

I wanted a box where everything is neatly organised inside so I cut out recesses for all the parts and glued all the layers together. Add in some hinges and its almost done. Off course I embedded some magnets to keep the lit shut and of course because you should always use magnets if the opportunity presents itself.

If you take the time to build a box that you don’t really need you should also make an effort to add some decoration. So I carved out my initials, filled it with some toothpicks and sanded it flat.

Another One

Because you can’t just create one I searched for a reason to build another. There is always a bunch of random small items laying around on my desk so I thought if I had a box to put all that in, my desk would look much cleaner. Armed with a reason I set off to build another one.

That one I wanted to keep simple with just one compartment. I cut out the lid, bottom and a couple of thin stripes. Then I glued them all together, added hinges and magnets and sanded it all. Following the rule of decorating the box I tried to come up with a good idea and failed. So I went with a simple one and just embedded three parts of aluminium wires. Not particularly creative but I declared it decorated and the box as finished.

Its not the cleanest build but they turned out good enough that I like looking at them every now and then. There is also the added bonus that they actually get used. And that is always good.