Every now and then I start wondering what I have done with my time lately. It usually comes down to working and having spend an extraordinary amount of time on Netflix watching some TV-Shows. That feels rather depressing and I have to remind myself that that’s not all I have done. And so today I decided that it might be an good to write a couple of posts about some of those little toy projects that I am almost always work on.

I usually have something I am tinkering around with. Its mostly some small thing that sounds interesting to do. I am working on those things because its fun. Its probably cheaper to buy something finished that would do the job but is a nice distraction and its always good to learn something new.


I am a pipe smoker. Its not healthy but it basically stands for having a relaxing time. I already have a couple of pipes and then I saw that you can buy blanks and carve out a pipe by yourself. That sounded like a lot of fun so I bought some.

The idea was to carve them with hand tools into a shape I like and then use sandpaper to finish the surface. It took quite a while because I did not want to rush it. The process is quite enjoyable so whenever I felt like it I continued to work a bit on them for a bit.

After some polishing with sandpaper and some linseed oil it started to look like something. Is the first time carving something into a real shape for me so I probably did it wrong and the result is not perfect. But I like the result anyway.

For the next two I went for different styles and they did turn out OK as well. I might even have gotten a bit better at it.

There I went for a bit lighter colors. Some of the patterns of the wood are really nice. Carving wood is really enjoyable so I want to do more of that in the future. I will be creating something different because I probably have enough pipes for now. It is always nice to build something that will actually be used.

Overall this little project was a success. I created something I use, the pipes turned out nice and I learned something.