I just finished reading Between the Strokes of Night from Charles Sheffield. And I have to say, that is a book worth reading. It is hard science fiction and starts in the not so distant future but progresses quite far into the future.

It is another one of those books that really stay with you for a while. That keep you thinking. Not just about the story of the book but way beyond that. It permeates the present and makes you think about your own live and what to do with it. Somehow it manages to bring the universe closer. I know that does not make any sense but that is how it feels.

The book is not that long and it does not happen all that much. But the author manages to build a train of thought that develops more and more and continues after you are done reading. It stays with you for a while. I really like books like that. Of course it depends on what kind of books you like an what stimulates your thoughts. For me however it is one of the good ones.